Fish That Consume Other Animals

Holarctic pike Northern North America, Europe, and Asia are home. Deep lakes and slow rivers are preferred. Swift, nasty predators who eat anything. Prey includes ducks.

Northern Pike

Largemouth bass are native to North America, from northern Mexico to southern Canada. It prefers locations with lots of underwater plants or buildings where it can ambush victims.

Largemouth Bass 

This predatory catfish is Europe's largest freshwater fish. Wels catfish has been introduced to non-native rivers including France's Seine. These catfish hunt differently.

 Wels Catfish

Russia, Mongolia, Central Asia, and China are home to the taimen. Salmonids consume other fish. They're too big for fish. They eat rodents and birds, but only in the water.


Murray cod lives in Australia's southeastern rivers. Large grouper- or bass-like fish. Before overfishing, 250-pound adults were usual. This top predator fish eats anything.

Murray cod

Tiger sharks live in tropical and temperate waters. This 16-foot shark is big. These huge fish are called the sea's garbage collectors because they eat anything, even licence plates.

Tiger shark

Giant trevally is an Indo-Pacific jack. Fast and powerful, it's hard to capture. Their speed makes them the top predator in their ecology.

Giant Trevally

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