Find Out Your Cat's Real Age

A complete veterinarian inspection of the cat's entire body will assist identify an approximate age, but vets look at a few body components in particular. How vets calculate a cat's age.

Between 2 and 4 weeks, teeth can tell a kitten's age. By 3 to 4 months, permanent teeth replace baby teeth. By 6 months, a cat's adult teeth are in and their growth is no longer essential.


Tartar on older cats' teeth indicates age. If the cat's caretaker is careful about dental maintenance, tartar may not be helpful. Teeth are a good but not perfect measure of a cat's age.

As a cat ages, its baby-fine fur thickens and coarsens. It may darken or lighten in colour. Senior cats may develop white or grey hairs, just like people do. The cat's coat lets a vet establish its age.

Evolution of Coats

Cats' grooming habits can help determine their age. Older cats may stop grooming if they gain weight or have dental or arthritic problems.

In their maintenance years, healthy kittens and cats have clear, bright eyes without tears or discharge. Older cats may acquire foggy eyes, tears, and/or discharge.


When a cat is in estrus, it makes a distinctive sound and goes into full-on heat. The most fertile years for a female cat are between 18 months and 8 years.

Sexual Maturation

Six months is the typical time when a cat reaches adulthood. Urinary testicles grow in size during puberty. When a female cat goes into heat depends on factors including day length and body mass.

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