State's oldest fast-food establishment

Montgomery's Chris' Famous Hotdogs

Chris' has served hotdogs (and hamburgers) with its trademark chilli sauce for over 100 years. 

Anchorage's Lucky Wishbone

Anchorage's Lucky Wishbone sign is a landmark. This welcoming restaurant has been a city staple since 1955. Lucky Wishbone is known for its pan-fried chicken.

Arizona: Lucky Wishbone, Tucson

Lucky Wishbone is a small network of fast food restaurants in Arizona that specialises on breaded and deep-fried chicken strips, shrimp, and "steak fingers."

Mariana's Jones Bar-B-Que Diner

Jones smokes its meat for 12 hours, so it's hard to call its barbecue "quick food." From a customer's perspective, eating pork and Wonderbread off a paper plate counts.

Inglewood A&W

California's fast food eateries are historic. The oldest McDonald's and In-and-Out Burgers are in California, but A&W debuted in Lodi in 1919. 

Denver, Cherry Cricket

Cherry Cricket in Denver serves burgers topped with peanut butter, grape jam, Fritos, and fried eggs. The 1945 restaurant has had various owners. 

New Haven's Louis' Lunch

Louis' Lunch popularised burgers. The 1895 eatery is considered the genesis of the hamburger. It still offers its old-fashioned burgers on white sandwich bread instead of bun.

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