Exercises for Your Dog to Help It Calm Down

Hunting Party

Instead of a dish, train your dog's hunting instincts. Hide kibble and treats. Hide them or use commercial puzzle feeders. Don't switch your dog's food all at once.

They may give up if they encounter too much resistance during their first hunt. Don't forget to hide part of their food among the rest that you're leaving in the dish.

Puzzle Games

Puzzle feeders and toys are also available. As vets learn more about dog behaviour, they better grasp their need for mental stimulation.

This is fantastic for dog owners since we can buy additional puzzle toys. Set your dog up for success with puzzle feeders. Start easy with your dog's first puzzle toy.

Make a Snuffle Mat

A snuffle mat is a puzzle feeder/toy where your dog can sniff for food, treats, and toys. They're easy to make when you're stuck at home and need a distraction.

Secure the mat by tying a knot in a length of fleece that has been threaded through a hole in the mat. Keep the knots and the ends of the fleece to one side and proceed with the next row.

Aerobics Lesson

Improve your fetching. Throw the ball down a hall or staircase to get your dog moving. As with fetch and keep-away, be careful your dog doesn't knock something down.

Instruct Them in a Fresh Skill

Make use of the extra time to give attention to your dog's training. You can train your dog to wave, whirl, and play dead with the use of a clicker and a small treat.

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