Examining the Virgo Personality

Virgo is an earth sign personified by the goddess of wheat and agriculture, which testifies to its material existence. Virgos approach life logically, practically, and methodically.

This earth sign is a workaholic who practises diligently to improve. Virgo oversees the digestive tract, thus earth signs are especially alert to substances in food and everything else. They're meticulous.

The Messenger Planet Mercury has dominion over the Sign of Virgo. Contrast the Gemini emphasis on communication and expression with the Virgo emphasis on information gathering and analysis.

Virgos organise even the most muddled material into distinct thoughts. Flaws are not deficiencies; Virgos must realise this.

Although Virgos have the desire to be precise, their pursuit of perfection can be harmful to both them and those around them.

Virgos have a genuine desire to lend a hand. They are helpful, friendly, and gentle, and they employ their wit and ingenuity to find solutions to issues.

Virgos are practical, whereas Pisces are spiritual. These earth signs are always fixing problems. Meticulous people make good teachers, healers, editors, even musicians.

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