You're always ready to bully others to subjugate and build yourself by dropping others and you can't empathize it's like talking through a brick wall. 


You're so full of yourself you're growing practically fast and the minute no one else is useful to you, you spew them like watermelon seeds.


The only resentment for you is that the world has not already surrendered to your superior wisdom and charm if people only realized how great you are you wouldn't have to be so arrogant.


You think too high about yourself don't you? You're happy to step on whoever's stupid enough to block your path if it burns your fire you don't care who burns.


You don't think you're selfish you call it being assertive and you don't care how much pain you're going through when you're asserting yourself but you're not as independent as you think.


You have to learn to laugh at yourself because everyone is already laughing at you and I mean lovingly I swear Be light We all have flaws!


You may also be rude, stubborn, inconsistent and a little ruthless but I'm not sure that makes you a narcissist.


You're wise enough to realize that humility looks better than pride so you feel proud enough to pretend to be humble because you're a little narcissist.


You are codependent by nature and humble you are a little too stingy to be a narcissist, you're not nearly as confident or arrogant enough to be classified as a narcissist.


You don't try to manipulate people as much as you try to avoid them and it's not that you're not a narcissist, it's that you're mindless when you're one.


You have no need for a bloated ego but then you have no reason to have one it's also not that you're so humble as you are negative.


You are very thoughtful and conscientious and selfless and a narcissist you are a follower not a leader who gives rather than praises the giver and not the taker.

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