You are too arrogant to deprive the planet of your amazing presence and you fantasize about murder but never commit suicide.


You'll only pretend to be sick to help a personal assistant because you're too lazy.


You know how to scold people, but you grind your teeth by smiling at them, you are endlessly a victim of wild mood swings, and betray anyone affected by them.


It's always stormy season with you when it comes to emotions, if you think you're too kind to someone you'll steal something from them.


You are the essence of the bully that attracts attention, your pride easily overshadowed by a deep sense of hurt ego and self loathing.


The only thing you share with others is your unhappiness, you won't be happy unless everyone is as unhappy as you.


You bring people into your circle so you can use them to flirt with everyone's friends, loving family members even your pets.


Sometimes it seems that your only happiness in life involves suffering others, you are not even upset when people call you heartless.


People don't like to get close to you because it's so painful you'll create the most ruthless cruel insult that deeply cuts down on their insecurities.


No one has suffered except you, no one knows the injustice and pain like you, all the bad things that have happened in everyone's life.


You are visually self centered and you do not believe that the earth is flat but you are certain that the universe revolves around you.


People are always wondering what's behind your bad smile, but you'll never tell you pretend you're shy.


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