Elephants: Three Diverse Species

The ears of the African bush elephant are fashioned like the continent of Africa. Two white tusks on long stems.

 African bush elephant

Front legs are longer than back legs, ears are larger, and tusks are curled and pointed. Savanna antelope consume grass, as their name suggests.

The African woodland elephant's ears are oval-shaped and smaller. They have lengthy trunks and big tusks, but they point down.

African forest elephant

Pinkish tusks attract poachers. Elephants in the rainforest eat mostly fruit. Also grass, leaves, seeds, and bark.

Asian elephants have depigmented skin and are smaller . Asian elephants have 3-4 habitat-based subspecies. Asian elephants have twin-domed, grooved skulls.

Asian elephant

Only male Asian elephants can grow tusks, but female African elephants can also. Unique facts about the three-four Asian elephant subspecies

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