Eight small pacts couples make to foster happy marriages

The decision to be committed to each other makes married life happy, after marriage there are good and bad as well as ups and downs of life, 

Cultivate a devoted relationship

so stay with your partner no matter what the circumstances are in front of you.

When we give in to fantasies about other people or share our emotions with them, we risk betraying our partner. So resolve to always be faithful, and maintain an undivided devotion to your mate.

Make a commitment to be faithful

Everyone has some or the other flaw, so take a commitment with your partner that you will respect each other's feelings and behave very politely.

Commitment to humility and respect

There is a lot of need for forgiveness and patience in married life, so both take a commitment together that they will accept mistakes if they are made, and insist on forgiving instead of fighting.

Will be forgiving and patient

It is very important to give time to each other in a relationship and more important than that to spend quality time together, so take a commitment before marriage that you will give time to each other.

Take a commitment that you will give time to each other

It is very important to have transparency in the relationship after marriage, and as the time for marriage starts, sometimes there are cracks in the relationship, so it is necessary to trust each other.

Encourage openness and honesty

To make a happy marriage, it is necessary to have constant communication between the two partners, otherwise the relationship starts getting tarnished.

Commit to regular communication

A selfish person cares solely about themselves and what benefits them. So think beyond your selfishness and promote your selflessness, 

Move forward selflessly

 if you both want to have a successful marriage, it is important that you convey your hopes, dreams and aspirations to him.

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