Eight signals she wants you to take the next step

She maintains steady gaze at you

She constantly looks up to you, keeps her eyes fixed on you when you come across, it shows that she is interested in you, and she wants you to take a step forward.

She's the one who texts you first

When a woman texts you first and initiates a conversation herself, she is interested in you and expects you to go ahead and ask her out on a date.

The woman is flirting with you

When a woman starts running her hands through your hair and touching your cheeks when she sees you, she indicates that she likes you.

She longs to be in your presence

Whenever she is seated next to you and draws closer to you, touching you lightly, she is trying to get you to take the next step with her.

She is the one who first makes contact

When she is with you, she gently touches your hand and moves closer to you, trying to signal that you should make the first move on your part.

She gives you numerous, genuine grins

The moment she lays eyes on you, her face lights up and she flashes you a beautiful smile.

She's curious about everything about you

She tries to know about you and listens with great curiosity about your personal life.

Her eyes are fixed on your lips

When a girl looks at her lips, it's a sign that she likes you and wants to be close to you for a kiss.

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