Prices are rising, but not to $12 per dozen.

Bird flu is reducing the U.S. chicken flock and driving up egg prices, according to the USDA.

Not as much as some social media users say.

A June 7 Facebook post claims "USDA predicts egg prices will be $12 by Fall 2022."

In a week, 100 people shared the post. Facebook and Twitter have many versions of this post.

Not true. USDA hasn't predicted $12 eggs by fall.

Jennifer Smits, director of communications for the USDA's Economic Research Service, told USA TODAY the agency hasn't predicted $12 egg prices by fall 2022.

The USDA's research service doesn't predict retail egg prices, Smits said. In the fourth quarter of 2022, the agency predicts wholesale egg prices of $1.70 per dozen.

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