Inflation could kill some farmers' market vendors.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) showed supermarket and grocery store prices rose by almost 11% between April 2021 and this year, with predictions of further increases.

Home food prices rose faster than restaurant prices. While the CPI doesn't measure farmers' market prices, many vendors feel the pinch of gas and ingredients.

Alina Muratova, founder of Seattle's Sweet Bakery, says running a small business may not be financially worthwhile. In the last two years, her costs skyrocketed, especially butter.

It costs her $15 to drive her mini-van 7 to 8 miles from her commissary kitchen to the market, a number that grows exponentially for farmers travelling further or needing larger vehicles.

The launch of seasonal farmers' markets coincided with the inflation spike in some areas. National news reports show how inflation affects farmers' market shopping habits. 

Recent national & international events—including Russia's attack on Ukraine, the pandemic, & supply chain snafus—have highlighted the importance of local food systems, & inflation has encouraged them.

Some farmers & markets see the increase in numbers as the flipside of supermarket food price inflation. Grant Tims of Rejuvenation Farms told that shoppers saw the gap between supermarket & farmers'.

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