Coffee recipes that taste better than your morning cup

Team Coffee! Coffee is life. Then why not everything? Coffee enhances chocolate recipes & adds taste and softness to meat dishes. Want better coffee? See our top coffee makers, French presses, & milk frothers. You'll quickly master lattes.

Coffee-cookie-&-cream ice cream

Homemade ice cream requires only a strong arm and some ingenuity. This flexible recipe includes Oreos, caramel sauce, & instant coffee.

This 90's throwback has soared in popularity, and we're all happier (and caffeinated) for it. Pre-game, it keeps us going all night.


Coffee boosts chocolate's flavour. Oil and sour cream make this egg-free cake extremely moist. You can substitute chocolate buttercream for the whipped ganache icing.

Birthday Cake

A flawless cold brew just needs time & patience. Cold brew vs. iced coffee: Iced coffee is chilled coffee poured over ice. This dilutes coffee.

Iced coffee

Coffee gives all meats a distinct flavour. Both ground and brewed coffee are used in this dish to tenderise and brown the meat. This romantic dinner is gold.

Steak with coffee-bourbon sauce

Coffee Dalgona

You may make iced coffee with instant coffee, sugar, and water. It's faster with a hand mixer, but a whisk, a strong arm, and patience will do.

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