You lie in bed and lose 37 pounds in the next three months.


You erase all her pictures, block her from all social media because you miss her so much then you write her a long letter, but you never send her.


You wonder what went wrong and look at every small and big incident, you try to find out what happened, and you'll never understand it.


You don't take any blame, then you decide that you don't care who to blame.


You check your phone, Facebook, and email every two minutes, your heart tells you to keep checking, holding on to a little last line of hope.


You start drinking and taking risks that you never took before in your desperate attempt to put the beacuse pieces back together, you begin to fall apart.


You stay in bed, order three pizzas a day, and gain 45 pounds over the next three months.


You learn a new language, travel to another country and do anything to forget it but you can't forget it.


You say love is a stupid idea and you learn to hate the idea of love and that's all because you still love it.


You listen to love songs even when you don't want to, you don't understand why all these singers are trying to torture you, because obviously they are talking about the love you have just lost.


You look for someone to fill the void inside you and feel the emptiness after every meeting.


When you start dating people who are the complete opposite of him, you stop dating altogether.


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