He will take you on a fun date that both of you have never had before and is going to give an experience that you will always remember.


He will do something that you will never be able to anticipate and he will shock you and you will like it.


He'll make you buy chocolate in a heart-shaped box and he'll actually write a thoughtful card that will make you cry tears of joy.


He will give you something that you can use in the bedroom and enjoy after dark.


He is really thoughtful when it comes to giving you gifts so his gift will probably bring tears to your eyes as it will make you realize how much he cares about you.


Even if he doesn't have a lot of money he wants to buy something beautiful for you that you can wear and show off so he will give you beautiful jewelry that were probably very expensive.


He thinks Valentine's Day is a day for both of you together, so your gift should be something that benefits both of you.


He wants to go on his next grand adventure with you. He'll make sure it's somewhere new and exciting.


He thinks that Valentine's Day is just a marketing ploy that takes away their good earnings from hardworking people and it's a holiday he makes sure his bank won't break.


He will give you something you can keep forever and he wants to give you a timeless gift for Valentine's Day.


He is highly emotional and he wants your Valentine's Day to be special in a seductive way to get ready to shake your world because your deepest imagination is about to come true.


He will give you a photo album made up of memories of the first day and will do the most romantic work that will require immense effort.


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