The power of the universe flows inside and through you so you can see and hear things that cannot be seen or heard, you are connected to the inner and eternal rather than external and temporary.


You don't pay attention to superficial things and always look at the big picture and instead of being practical you'll leave it all to fate and the universe will catch you when you fall.


Some things go deeper than we understand and you rarely feel isolated or alone because you feel that everything is interconnected and everything is part of one.


You also don't forget to take your vitamins and brush your teeth because eventually you realize that God is not going to do everything for you.


You believe in God but you also believe that God does not need your help and God is not particularly interested in listening to your problems.


You pray when you're in trouble but it's like that annoying friend to God who only calls when you need something.


You are half a monk half sinner and you have one foot in this world in an afterlife, when it comes to later life you would love to spend summer in heaven and winter in hell.


You have a personal relationship with God but unlike so many others you don't feel compelled to explode it in front of the world.


You'd rather live in the real world than the pretentious world while everyone else's eyes are focused towards the sky, you keep your eyes on the rewards.


When people tell you that God has spoken to them you demand to hear a voicemail message.


You are worldly and material and realistic if someone does wrong to you you don't pray you take revenge and a spiritual experience for you is to be drunk and surrounded by hot people.


You're a super-duper-practical girl and you focus on the exterior rather than the inner what should be accepted as a matter of trust, than what you're more interested in what can be measured.


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