You're twice as blessed and tripled, it seems like you go everywhere the best thing you can do for both the world and share a little of your good fortune for yourself with the less fortunate.


You and all your friends can do tiptooing in the grasslands in the spring and you're always the only one to find four-leaf clover.


You were blessed and confident looking good looks. If you've made your next holiday destination Las Vegas you're likely to walk with the entire city in your pocket.


You've also been lucky in terms that you're looking better than all the rest of your family members and everyone in where you work and your only misfortune is in love.


Luck comes in stages for you and long streaks of good luck followed by long streaks of bad luck and your job is to overcome bad stripes and redeem good ones.


The wind blows in both directions for you, you are extremely lucky in love and very unlucky in things like finances so don't worry about love even if you are unmarried.


Have you noticed how the more you plan for the future how your destiny gets better?


You've been given a bad hand and just because you're crazy doesn't mean you have no reason to have life throwing you some real curveballs.


Every time you decide that the best thing you can ever hope to do is just shrug your shoulders and like the rain.


Snake eyes come up every time you turn the dice and every time they give the lottery number you take out the number 13 and right now it's almost common for your life.


Your good fortune in the face of all misfortune is that you are born with a stubborn soul as the saying that what doesn't kill you makes you the badass bitch that you are.


If sometimes you get a streak of good luck, you'll find a way to mess it up and if you refuse to surrender to it you can overcome your misfortune.


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