Will you start to notice silence after a while once a song is played with your depression? And on a bright day you will suddenly feel that you are happy.


It can be the happiest year of your life so don't waste a single minute of 2023 and taste every last drop as if it were the best cream bruly.


There will be an event that will hurt you immensely but the flow of support you get will restore your faith in humanity.


You'll learn some painful lessons about trust and honesty in 2023 but you'll become smarter and stronger from the other end.


Your life will become like that scene from The Wizard of Oz and as the year progresses you will find yourself positively accustomed to happiness.


A stranger will come into your life and tell you the real meaning of friendship by the time December finally turns around, you'll be happier than you dream of being in January.


You don't really have to do anything new just stop doing the things that are making you sad.


2023 will be full of so many unexpected joys you may not be able to handle it but you will be overwhelmed by the things that will make you happy.


You will suffer a little more than usual in 2023 and each day will merge with the dullness in the next.


Forget about the rest of the world all the injustice hate pain and suffering None of these is going away anytime soon but never forget that you yourself are the source of your happiness.


In 2023, there will be an unexpected catastrophe with you or someone close to you that will drag you into a deep dark emotional space.


In 2023 you will find something more valuable a deep and lasting satisfaction that only finds what you love to do and forget everything else.


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