You give shroud to the person you love you have a tendency to love addiction it is difficult for you to slow things down.


You are in need or overly happy in relationships romance brings out your emotional side but do not let your emotions dominate you and remember to be practical.


You need enthusiasm and variety but this can make it difficult for you to keep interested and invest in a relationship although once you find the right person staying loyal and stable seems less like work.


You are looking for relationships with reliable and understanding people but relationships become regular and boring fortunately your practicality can eliminate passion in your relationship.


Even though you are a sweet and caring lover but your rigid freedom can separate you from your partner you are so strong that sometimes you dominate whoever you are with.


You don't compromise with anyone although you may have trouble expressing what you think of the person you are with where the relationship is and in turn cause serious communication problems.


The thought of being alone scares you so sometimes you live in situations that don't seem right to you, you love people and spoil the person you make mistakes with.


You don't see any point in entering into a relationship that will mostly fail so you barely get in you have trusting issues but trusting can make the relationship really strong and passionate.


You are humorous and playful and when it comes to love you are sometimes too busy being labelled or worried about blocking a relationship you love having fun.


You are careful and responsible it also affects your love life your over cautious attitude towards love can make it difficult for people to stop they may feel like they are turning their wheels with you.


You are a kind of long-term relationship unfortunately finding people on the same page seems to be a challenge you will find more and more people looking for the mature relationship you dream of.


You are a giver and extremely caring you are likely to give your loved one a lot of love and attention very soon but save gifts and compliments use them wisely.


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