You have all the things you want to do and the challenges you want to take on but you can always do things you don't like.


It could be a small touch or a big hug on his arm but your guy likes it when you touch him.


Your guy can't resist the way he gets along with all your friends he knows he won't have to choose between you or his friends.


Family is extremely important to your boy and he finds it wonderful that you love his family.


He likes your confidence and your bright personality irresistible. He likes the way you can stay in touch with others.


He likes how capable you are, you make him feel like you're a team that can do everything.


She finds it cute how you not only ask for her opinion, but you actually take it into account.


Boys also need to feel warm and desirable sometimes and he likes it when you sometimes shake him.


Your guy likes how flexible and open you are to change and you keep things interesting.


It's unique to your man when you show him that you appreciate what you did.


Your guy likes that you care about human causes and that you love animals, it shows him that you are kind and that you have a big heart.


When you're excited about a project you're working on, it gives you a very attractive inner glow.


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