You are such a close friend that your friends automatically know that if someone is saying bad things about you, they are liars and your friendship goes beyond death until death separates us.


You're loyal like an old dog you go beyond friendship and act more like a parent or caregiver and you see your friends' backs even if they're not looking at your back.


You take some time to feel comfortable enough to let someone into your life but once they've passed your extensive revision process they have a friend for a lifetime.


You have a trustworthy face and an easy way that motivates people to trust you, they share secrets you're extremely loyal until someone cheats on you.


You are loyal, but only until your loyalty is tested, suppose your friend has financial constraints or as soon as trouble arises, your loyalty flies in the air.


You're the definition of wish-wash when it comes to friendship, one day you're rushing to help your friend and the next day you're checking their call.


Your loyalty is beyond question but the moment they start paying attention to their needs you start to wonder why you were their friend in the first place.


You are one of the most loyal zodiac signs but your angry ego and lack of impulse control often get in the way of friendship.


You are a great friend for a moment and a living nightmare for the next. Trust and loyalty are very important to you, you are a very good friend but you are an even bigger enemy.


You are an extremely loyal friend i.e. until you find a new boyfriend then forget everything about your friends and then you get confused when your new boyfriend leaves you.


You're mostly incredible friends because you fly and get bored easily, you'll leave friends the minute you can find better-looking friends with more money.


You are hypersensitive it becomes difficult to be your friend, you are extremely loyal to yourself and not to anyone who gives you their friendship is throwing it in the trash.

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