You like physical humor especially when it involves hurting people when someone comes out drunk at a party you get this laugh.


The world is so crazy it gives you all the humor you need, you can endlessly entertain by sitting on a park bench and watching people move around during their daily business.


You find humor in making people laugh when that idiot gets stuck in a motel without changing clothes and they'll have to wait another year to take another vacation.


You are funny enough when you make others laugh only then you make fun of yourself because no one cares about making fun of you, which is why you have to make fun of yourself.


You get big yuks from people who are incredibly sharp, unpleasant and unsuitable, you think it's even more fun when someone makes a wacky face at a funeral and no one laughs.


Don't you laugh more than hearing about the misfortunes of someone you dislike, they fired him for doing it with someone else! Hahahahahaha!


It would be pure humour for you to see the head of a large corporation hit on the head from a rock but it would be a tragedy if it happened to a homeless person.


Passive aggression makes you roll off the couch and to the floor in laughter and you're a world champion in being passive aggressive.


You like a good funny story and no one has more funny stories than you.


You love the insult you get happy to see a man wearing a stupid, pig faced, knee bent, pigeon legged, UGG boot.


You like jokes that are so lousy, you can't imagine that anyone will have the audacity to tell them.


You focus specifically on the people you find all ridiculous, and you double up in laughter by late at night because the jokes just become mean and mean.

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