You are like God forgiving everyone who asks for forgiveness and seeking goodness in others even if it is almost impossible to seek it.


People reveal their deepest secrets to you because of your trustworthy nature because you don't whisper anything to anyone and are less likely to betray.


You bring out the best in people because you trust them and if someone does wrong to you you don't see it as a reason to distrust everyone.


You are respected and trustworthy so you expect the same from others if money is involved you don't trust people.


You have a good tendency to know who is trustworthy and who is not and you trust the doctors and politicians in power while you are very skeptical about any self-proclaimed expert.


You expect everyone to be as honorable as you and you're always surprised when those double-crossing no-good backstabbing prove to be false, in general you trust women more.


You used to trust everyone but ever since the love of your life has broken your heart by cheating you can't trust yourself in lovers where your trust is broken.


If someone lies to you even once, you will never trust them again and every time someone lies to you you you trust the whole world a little less.


You don't trust anyone to keep secrets because in childhood your best friend revealed your deepest secrets to everyone.


You don't listen to people and are always searching for hidden context it definitely limits your social and romantic prospects but you would rather be alone than feel betrayed.


People are going to act more gracefully in response when you behave suspiciously and the less you trust them the more likely they are to move behind your back.


How easily people lie in order to be accepted rather than disliked people have to earn your trust and this can take a lifetime.


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