You crave for a large steak dinner near the roaring fireplace, even if you don't eat and don't like the fireplace very much.


You are absolutely alone on Valentine's Day and you have ordered pizza and you have a relationship with the guy who delivers pizza.


A small pink and red Valentine's Day card to get you out of this mid-winter disappointment


You'll want to meet a random guy at once and go to a motel with him.


A bottle of wine with a table and a violinist swans on the lakeside.


You want to see the sun rise and set and don't want to do anything in between.


Just a kissing while standing on a bridge holding a hand and turning the city lights on the river water below.


You'll want to see two people fighting for the right to claim as their Valentine.


A piping hot mug of hot chocolate on top of all after the chocolate milkshake then, when your stomach heals, have more chocolate.


Drinks, then and drinking, and alcohol intoxicated so that you forget about Valentine's Day and hopefully the heart is usually broken.


The one you have never met has left your entire $ 100 million wealth for you and will ensure that you have a boyfriend till the next Valentine's Day.


You get a big bouquet of flowers from a stranger. You do not know who has sent them, you find it scary and thrilling at the same time.


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