As long as he holds your hand, you will walk with him on the burning embers and jump into the sea, you will do everything except walk away from him.


Every emotion increases, it feels as if a hot electric blanket has been lit inside you, as if someone inside your heart has switched on.


The sudden silly love songs that used to roll your eyes now bring tears to your eyes and those dumbly inspirational memories seem deep and you raise every dog you see on the street.


At any time, everything feels like spring, even if there is two feet of snow on the ground and the sky is covered with dark clouds, everything feels like spring.


You forget everything that you've closed the door or closed the stove.


You want to travel anywhere with him no matter where you go, because every place feels new.


You feel invincible as if catching children falling from burning buildings, end all wars and establish lasting world peace.


Everything reminds you of him. Trees, sky, sun, water everywhere you see him until you are truly in his presence again.


When you are away from it, it is painful, even the slightest discomfort or discomfort is enough to make you cry.


You can't eat, can't sleep, lethargy at work and you've never felt better in your life.


What used to look ugly has now started to look beautiful, the sweetest little thing? Such a beautiful ruin! The only ugly thing in the world is the thought of losing him.


Everything is funny even by the fact that you used to hate them and the idea of hate is also ridiculous because it is so silly.


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