Driscoll's New Rosé Berries launched

Sweet, juicy strawberries and raspberries are a summer delicacy. Rosé berries sound delicious, right? Limited-edition Driscoll's rosé strawberries and raspberries are light pink.

Sweet-tart Driscoll's rosé strawberries have peach and pineapple smells. If you like luscious strawberries, drink this.

If you prefer rosé raspberries, these blushing berries include peach, rose, orange, and yellow.

Don't anticipate a raspberry flavor. Peach, banana, and other tropical flavors are present. They're great in berry recipes.

Despite not being as red as regular berries, rosé berries are ripe. Natural mutation reduces anthocyanin, the red pigment in ordinary berries.

Rosé berries are probably at your grocery shop. Driscoll's website offers Costco, Whole Foods, Target, and local chains like Byerly's, Fred Meyer, Safeway, Vons, and Wegmans.

If you like rosé berries, there are lots more fancy summer fruits to try. Driscoll's Tropical Bliss strawberries include tropical punch, pineapple, and passion fruit aromas.

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