Dragon-Like Creatures: Eight Species

The world's largest reptile, the Komodo Dragon, resembles its namesake. This 10-foot-long reptile is massive. Broad legs, tails, and sharp fangs define Komodo dragons. These fangs rip apart prey.

Komodo Dragons

Bearded Dragons like warm, dry weather. They're kind and easy to feed. Bearded dragons are named after the legendary beast. Neck and flank spikes repel predators.

Bearded Dragons

Iguanas are the only marine lizards and resemble dragons. Long, pointed claws help cut algae and protect them. They eat primarily algae. 40 minutes, but they can't breathe underwater.

Marine Iguana

American Alligators resemble dragons. This huge reptile lives only in the U.S. Their tail helps them swim and fight. Wide snouts and strong fangs can kill practically anything.

 American Alligators

Skinks resemble dragons. Long tails, snake-like tongues, and multicoloured patterns are common. These species are prevalent in North America, Asia, and other places and are popular pets. Burrowing for shelter in the wild.


These reptiles can dive for 90 minutes. The green and spiked appearance resembles dragons, hence the name. They swim and dive well in fresh water, including creeks and lakes.

Chinese water Dragon

Armadillo Girdled Lizards roll into balls to avoid predators. Its spikes protect them. Adults will be about 3 inches long. Rarely are these reptiles treated as pets.

Armadillo Girdled Lizard

Six-foot-long reptiles with rough, pointed scales. Chinese alligators float below the water and surprise their victim. Large reptiles are endangered, and these are the most endangered.

Chinese Alligators

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