Don't Mess With These 8 Aggressive Dog Breeds!

 Pit bull attacks are dangerous due to size, power, and tenacity. Pit bulls have a strong jaw that allows them to clamp on; bite victims say the dog wouldn't let go.

Pit Bulls

Dogs weigh 85–110 lbs. Big jaws. This guarding breed is aggressive. Territorial, good-natured dogs hate strangers and other canines. Aggression makes them ferocious.


Doberman Pinschers are scary and aggressive since they were once guard and police dogs. Tough, loyal, and aggressive. These dogs can be gentle if trained.

Doberman Pinschers

German Shepherds had the most severe and frequent bites. Their obedience, intelligence, agility, and fearlessness make them great canine units. Originally, they guarded sheep from wolves. 

German Shepherds

Boerboels are huge and powerful because they were bred to guard. Boerboel is the most agile Mastiff. Boerboels are hostile against other dogs, especially the same sex and breed.


Their lively energy makes them challenging to train. They're enthusiastic yet not aggressive or violent. Strangers may find them aloof and hostile.


They're strong and dominant. These were bred as killing machines and employed in battle rings. Attacking will kill their prey. Obedience requires instruction and early socialisation.

 Presa Canario

This breed's powerful exterior and energetic body make it ferocious. Quiet, faithful, and autonomous, they're hard to train. Great survival instincts

Alaskan Malamute

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