Dogs with Short Hair: 9 Low-Maintenance Breeds


The African Basenji's smooth, odor-free coat needs rarely baths. Basenjis lick like cats. Barkless dogs seldom bark. True. Basenjis cry and yodel. This breed is loyal to humans but wary of strangers.


Smooth coats need weekly curry or soft bristle brushing. The breed doesn't need frequent baths. Boxers are sporty and lively. Exercise makes them joyful and prevents bad behaviour. During hot exertion, this flat faced breed can overheat.

Bull Terrier

Bull terriers resemble horses. Shiny and flat. Bristle brushes, curry brushes, and hound gloves remove loose hair weekly. This breed has respectful kids. Muscled, it needs daily walks or fetch games.


Dalmatian's short, dense, silky, shiny coat. To reduce dog hair in the house, brush this dog more often. Coach dogs calmed and protected horses. Also banned: horse-drawn fire engines. Stamina and energy must be exercised daily.


The dachshund is a friendly, energetic dog. Smooth, short-haired, long-haired, and wire-haired coats are available. Coat type affects grooming. Long-haired dogs need daily brushing but not professional grooming.


This is Snoopy's beagle. Water-resistant, moderate-to-high-shedding coats. It's easily groomed. Their coat isn't dirty and shouldn't need baths. Beagles are carefree and bold. Beagles are active.


This Hungarian breed is appreciated as a caring, gorgeous, athletic companion. Vizslas have low-maintenance coats. Their short coat needs weekly brushing to remove dead hair and maintain condition. They shed little.


Germans from Weimar are Weimaraners. Gray ghost refers to its silver-gray tint, speed, and durability. Low-maintenance Weimaraners. The short, smooth coat should be cleaned to eliminate loose hair and bathed if soiled.

Doberman Pinscher

The dog's sleek coat needs a weekly brushing. Dobermans are huge and athletic and need lots of exercise. These guard dogs are devoted. When with family, the Doberman is kind and respectful of youngsters.

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