Dogs with Curly Coats Are the Cutest!


Poodles may be the most popular curly-haired dog breed. Large, small, and toy poodles have curly hair. These smart dogs make great pets. The standard poodle was bred to retrieve game.

Bichon Frise

 This small companion dog has white, powder-puff fur. The dog looks round when trimmed. These canines' soft and coarse guard hairs mat. Bichon Frise Club of America suggests daily brushing and monthly grooming.

Portuguese Water Dog

Hypoallergenic Portuguese water dogs. It sheds little but needs grooming. Another curly-haired sports dog is the Portuguese water dog (PWD). These canines were bred to rescue drowning sailors and retrieve missing gear.

Airedale Terrier

Airedales, the largest terrier breed, have unique coats. Low-maintenance Airedales. Brush or strip curls frequently, but get haircuts three to four times a year. Other curly-haired breeds' monthly grooming costs more and takes longer.

Bedlington Terrier

The Bedlington terrier has lamb-like fur. Curliest heads are dogs. These dogs' black coats turn blue, sandy, or dark-brown liver. Bedlington terriers shed less and groom well.


Curly-haired French barbet water dogs are uncommon. Curly hair looks best when the coat is three to five inches long. The barbet's woolly hair helped it catch game in cold water.

Irish Water Spaniel

European and American sportsmen love the Irish water spaniel's tight curls and smooth, short hair on the face and tail. It should be washed and cut every six to eight weeks and brushed or combed weekly.


The Puli has soft undercoat and coarse guard hairs. The Komondor and the curly-haired sheep-herding Puli are related. A Puli's fur can be corded or brushed out like a Komondor's hair.

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