Dogs that do well in hot climates

Heat is lost through the short coat and long legs. The larynx of a Basenji causes them to yodel instead than bark, making them suitable for life in a city.


Large breeds do well in warm climates. Spunky and attentive, Xolos will alert you to trouble. They create less allergens than dogs with full coats.


Toy Poodles' small size and short, trimmed coat make them good summer watchdogs. Toy Poodles aren't strong swimmers, but light-coated kinds fare well in heat.

Toy Poodle

Pharaoh Hounds have lived in deserts for millennia. Pharaoh Hounds have short, coarse, low-maintenance coats. Pharaoh Hounds need fenced-in exercise areas.

Pharaoh Hound

The Italian Greyhound has a small body, long legs, and a fine, short coat. The once-royal Italian Greyhound still naps on window ledges.

Italian Greyhound

In winter, Chinese Cresteds snuggle. This sociable breed comes in hairless and powderpuff variants, with the latter having fine hair only on its paws, ears, and tails.

Chinese Crested

Due of its small size and light fur, the Chihuahua does well in warm weather. Due to their size, Chihuahuas require little maintenance and exercise.


The Australian Cattle Dog is a diligent and hard-working breed. The Australian Cattle Dog is a quick-thinking and nimble-footed breed of dog.

Australian Cattle Dog