Dogs That Appear Aggressive But Aren't

Great Dane

Terrific Danes may look scary, but they make great family dogs and need minimum care and exercise. Like any dog, these will need adequate training.


In spite of being one of the largest breeds of dog, mastiffs are gentle and devoted. They have a deep affinity for family and a penchant for socialising.

Saint Bernard

Some people may be put off by the fact that a Saint Bernard is a massive, powerful, and muscular dog when in fact they are also gentle, great with kids, and wonderful companions.


Though the Leonberger's appearance and name may make you think of a lion, this dog breed is actually quite tame and kind. They have a thick coat that sheds heavily, are extremely sociable, and adore children.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds, the largest and tallest canine breed, are known for their gentle nature. Although they were initially developed as hunting companions, these dogs now make wonderful pets for families.


Newfoundlands, another giant dog breed, are incredibly hard-working and kind, having a natural propensity toward becoming a devoted companion.

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