Dogs Breed With Major Hipster Cred

This breed was unfairly stigmatised for no good reason. Although pit bulls were never intended for the role of nanny, today's hipsters admire their doggedness.


They exude hipster appeal with their big-eyed silence. They stroll proudly and don't care if they sneeze in your face, snore in your ear, or fart horribly. They play large but are small.


Wiry hair on a Dachshund is a huge plus in the eyes of hipsters, who value an intentionally dishevelled coat. These guys may be on the shorter side, but they certainly don't lack in spirit


They think for themselves and aren't scared to speak up about it. Dachshunds don't care if they're the smallest dog in the room because their egos are bigger than everybody else's.

French Bulldogs are the third-most-requested breed. Personality-packed pet. French Bulldogs are playful and energetic. Small and energetic, they are great youngsters' playmates

French Bulldog

KC Cavalier Toy spaniels are British. Cavaliers are friendly and affectionate. They like strangers, animals, and youngsters. Smart and trainable, Cavaliers excel in obedience, rally, and agility.

King Charles Cavalier

That dog was English, and hipsters love accents. Mastiffs are gentle family protectors and companions without hostility. These brave, well-mannered dogs fit in most homes.


Schnauzers have the best beards. They have the scruff and weeklong stubble every facial-hair aficionado wants. This breed's smaller versions are much more stylish.

Miniature Schnauzer

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