Dog Exercise: An Effective Method for Releasing Pent-Up Energy

Train your dog to hunt instead of feeding it from a dish. Hide snacks at home. Use puzzle feeders or loosely hide them. Avoid puzzle feeders for new dogs.

The Hunting Party

If you don't want your dog to give up, make the initial search simple. Be sure to keep some of their food in their bowl, but also to hide some in their favourite hiding spots.

There are also permanent puzzle feeders and toys. Veterinary specialists are learning more about dogs' mental stimulation and enrichment needs.

The Puzzle-Solving Games

This is fantastic for dog owners since it implies more commercial puzzle toys. Set your dog up for success with rolling puzzle feeders. Begin with a simple puzzle toy if your dog has never used one.

Snuffle mats let dogs find treats, food, and smaller toys. They're easy to make at home when bored. Fleece and a holey rubber mat work. Cut 6–7-inch fleece strips 1–1.5 inches wide.

To Create a Snuffle Mat

Lengthen the strips. Sloppy texture. Thread a fleece strip through one hole, back through another, and tie a knot to produce a snuffle mat. Each hole row should be fleece-tailed. Let your dog sniff the fleece.

Be a better fetch! To get your dog moving, toss the ball down a flight of stairs or a hallway. Like with "retrieve" and "keep-away," exercise command to prevent your dog from damaging your home.

Cardio Class

Use this extra time to teach your dog new tricks. With a clicker and your dog's favourite bite-size goodie, your dog may wave, spin, and play dead on command.

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