Lap dogs are chihuahuas. These dogs are active yet not needy. Healthy chihuahuas Long-haired Chihuahuas need additional brushing to avoid tangles, but grooming is modest. Beware this breed's disposition.


Dachshunds cuddle. Small dogs. Long-haired doxies need extra grooming. Friends. Dachshunds must learn stubbornness. Running and jumping may worsen spinal abnormalities in short-legged, long-bodied children.


They don't require much physical activity, but they do enjoy daily walks and the occasional run. Nowadays, greyhounds rarely get sick. In general, greyhounds are very trainable. The dog is quite large.

French Bulldog

Loafers are Frenchies. Happiest dogs are French bulldogs. They're active but weak. This breed needs moderate daily exercise, but avoid outdoor activities in hot and humid conditions. Frenchies are well-behaved after basic training.

West Highland White Terrier

A Westie is a great small- to medium-sized dog for an easygoing companion. They're healthy, lively, and easy to train. Some grooming is needed for this breed. Some brush this dog's coat, while others hand-strip it.

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Brussels Griffon

Brussels griffons are adorable, goofy dogs. They need little exercise despite their energy. Basic training balances their feistiness and provides structure. Brussels, another small breed, weighs 6–12 pounds and requires moderate grooming.


Mastiffs are large, slow-moving dogs. Young mastiffs are calm and silly. As they age, they grow lazier and more aloof yet still love their families. Like most big dog breeds, these canines live shorter than typical.


Mastiffs are lazy, but bullmastiffs aren't. Bullmastiffs have more energy than mastiffs but less endurance. Daily walks should keep this breed happy and healthy. This dog is a couch potato otherwise.


Smarter and more lively, they adapt to people. Low-maintenance versatility They're active dogs like their owners. Brushing and trimming poodles prevents matting. Thankfully, they shed little.

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