Newfoundlands, despite their massive size, are friendly, patient, and easy to train. Their massive brains, stubby muzzles, and furry bodies make them look like bears.


Leonbergers were bred to be royal companions. ц Despite their huge size and thick fur that makes them look like bears, these dogs are calm and gentle. They're good watchdogs, though.


A gregarious, well-adjusted dog, the Eurasier is a hybrid breed of European and Asian origins. The Eurasier is another bear-like dog with thick fur, notably around the head. 


Pomeranians are small dogs with rounded ears and puffy coats that give them a teddy bear appearance, while not resembling real bears. They're dogs that have a lot of self-assurance & curiosity.


Akitas are quiet but temperamental and hard to train. With its thick coat and rounded ears, the largest Japanese spitz breed resembles a bear. 


The Great Pyrenees, found in the Pyrenees Mountains between France and Spain, resembles a polar bear due to its white coat and gigantic size. Herding dogs protected flocks from wolves and bears.

Great Pyrenees

Chow chows originated in ancient China. Muscular and deep-chested, these dogs have a hairy coat and a heavy mane. These sombre, aloof dogs are recognised for their cleanliness.

Chow Chow

Siberian Russia gave birth to the Samoyed spitz. These intelligent, strong sled dogs were bred for polar trips. Their thick, white coats and fluffy tails make them friendly and energetic family pets.


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