Dog Breeds for Epilepsy Detection

German Shepherd

They're service dogs. Strong, intelligent, fearless, and stable, they're a great working dog. German shepherds are focused.

Golden Retriever

The golden retriever is loyal and smart. The dogs want to please their owner. Their versatility and gentleness make them popular service dogs.

Border Collie

Intelligent and energetic, the border collie is one of the most agile and strong dog breeds. These canines are very motivated and trainable; they need a task. 

Irish Setter

Irish setters are amiable, even-tempered sporting dogs. They're outgoing and friendly. These eager-to-please canines react well to patient, positive training.


Poodles are popular service dogs. Despite popular belief, poodles are athletic and multitasking. These beautiful dogs are people-oriented.

Labrador Retriever

Labs are usually seizure-alert. Smart, trainable, and well-mannered dogs. They're friendly and in sync with their owners. They can handle a medical emergency.

English Setter

English setters are calm and sociable. Adaptable and kind. Good teaching motivates them. Being near their owners makes them good assistance dogs.


Goldendoodles are guide dog hybrids. Poodle and golden predecessors were smart, athletic, friendly, and loyal. They're friendly to kids, pets, and strangers. Trainerable.


Smart, social, and diligent, Samoyeds. Samoyeds were bred for cold climates. These athletic canines are also loyal companions and seizure-alert dogs.

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