Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The brindle gene was introduced when these dogs were crossed with the extinct brindle herder. Cardigans are smart, playful, and devoted to their families.

Dutch Shepherd

The only acceptable colour for a Dutch shepherd is brindle. Intelligent, active, and persistent best describe a Dutch shepherd. They learn to satisfy others quickly and with little effort.

French Bulldog

They are well-liked because of their good looks, humor, and friendliness. They get too hot too quickly because of their short noses and short faces. Extreme heat is uncomfortable for this species.

Great Dane

Great Dane coats include brindle. These large dogs are affectionate and eager to please. Despite their size, respectful children and household pets get along with them.


The Basenji is a very old breed that looks quite similar to the dogs shown on Egyptian tombstones. Most Basenjis are obedient, quiet, and docile pets. Also, these places are usually neat & peaceful.


Boxers are one of North America's most popular dog breeds. Boxers are affectionate, energetic, smart, and fun. However, calmness and leash skills are crucial due to their size and power.

Cairn Terrier

They're common. A dog's colour can also lighten with age. Confident, smart, and loving, these canines have character. They pursue small rodents and bark a lot.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire bull terriers have dark brindle markings. Staffies are gregarious and loyal, therefore they often jump on your lap for attention. Staffies don't do well living alone.


Brindle mastiffs are gentle and giant. Mastiffs are loving, calm, protective, and loyal despite their size. These dogs aren't for everyone. They need space and money.

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