Lovely owls. Perching magnificently on trees and rooftops to stare. Incredible sight. After midnight, nocturnal pests began hooting. 24/7.


Flea bags leave their droppings everywhere. Newly washed automobiles, homes, park seats, and sidewalks. Pigeon crap wins! Pigeons might be aggressive if you're eating near them.


Nighttime scavengers cause messes. Taking food from your trash or garden without cleaning up. They disorganize yards and alleys everywhere.


Worrying about bloodsucking parasites is almost as annoying as finding one on you or your pet.They wouldn't be so horrible if they didn't carry Lyme and RMSF.


Rats are invasive in many homes and buildings. Nobody likes squeaking, scratching, and nest-building. Destructive. Rodents can destroy food and wiring.


People generally dislike seagulls. called "sky rats" and "trash bag birds." The day will begin at the early hour of 5 a.m. They litter our heads with empty shells and half-eaten sandwiches.


Monkeys irritate many. They shout, yell, heckle, and wail. When visiting a zoo, they often mock us and toss poo at us. When offered food, they grab it.


All varieties of flies are bothersome. Consider the common housefly. A housefly can enter through an open door or window and fly around for a day.


Mosquitoes lead. Worse than a bug bite that bleeds and itches for days. Summer mosquitoes in North America are tenacious. Bug spray helps, but their bites are so annoying.

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