Small squabbles keep happening in a relationship and sometimes the talk escalates so much that it comes to the point of breaking the relationship.

Some reasons are prominent in a relationship due to which couples decide to separate from each other.

Because of time

It's crucial to give time to a relationship, and failing to do so can lead to growing mutual estrangement and eventually a breakup.

ignoring call messages

Fighting in a relationship tends to happen when one partner texts and calls several times but the other ignores them.

Attempting to Take a Look Below

In a relationship, calling the partner bad on something and humiliating him in front of others becomes the main reason for breakup between couples.

Repeatedly bringing up your ex

Distancing occurs in relationships when one partner constantly brings up their ex and actively promotes them if anything negative occurs.

From repeating old things

A relationship begins to weaken when they are repeatedly told about their partner's mistakes or on any other matter.


It's impossible for a relationship to continue as before when one partner constantly puts restrictions on the other's freedom of expression.

By Deception

A relationship rests on trust and this trust keeps the relationship going, 

but when one of the couples starts cheating and breaks the trust, the relationship definitely ends.

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