The Samoyed is a medium-to-large, all-white spitz breed. This dog breed's thick, fluffy coat makes sense given its Siberian ancestry. Samoyeds utilised these cold-tolerant canines to herd reindeer, haul sleds, and hunt.


Malteses are little white dogs. These 4 to 7-pound pups are under 10 inches tall. Some owners choose to keep the Maltese's long, silky white coat cropped short.

American Eskimo

American Eskimo features snowman-like eyes and a nose. Available canines include standard, miniature, and toy. Its white coat and alert face are size-independent. The Eskie was developed in the 19th-century Midwest.

Bichon Frise

Long, curling white hair highlights the bichon frise's black eyes and nose. Peppy canines that detest being alone. They'll love your lap. Friendly, playful, and affectionate, Bichons. It's kid- and pet-friendly. Trainable and quiet.

Great Pyrenees

Largest white dog breed is the Great Pyrenees. These 100-pounders feature a strong white double coat. This dog is from Central Asia or Siberia. Huge, patient dogs. Sheep protectors and family pets.

Coton de Tulear

This white dog was once a pet of Madagascar's elite. It's thought that the ancestors of these canines were maritime pups. These petite, strong puppies make great pets. They're good with kids and pets. 

West Highland White Terrier

Westies are little Scottish terriers. White coat helped dog find rats. Westies are smart and playful. White coats require weekly brushing and four-to-six-week maintenance.

Dogo Argentino

Strong white Dogo Argentinos. The short, smooth coat is white with a black eye or ear patch. These dogs are brave and devoted. Friendly family dogs, but they need an experienced owner.

Japanese Spitz

White Japanese spitz are unusual. These dogs have a curled tail, a medium-length, dense coat, and an attentive look. The Japanese spitz is a tiny-to-medium-sized dog that's adaptable to small or vast places.

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