Different types of deer found in the Americas

Many deer exist.   Despite their speed, their attackers are strong and speedy. As the bottom of the food chain, deer are rare. No risk. Deer are in America.


Caribou are North America's most famous deer. Caribou, unlike other deer, have both female and male antlers. Caribou and reindeer are interchangeable.


the highest deer in North America They have drooping chins and necks. Muscle-boned. Moose can run, despite belief. Front legs are longer than back.


After moose, elks are North America's second-largest deer. People often confuse elk and moose. North America has distinct animals.

Mule Deer

Mule deer are North America's cutest deer. The mule deer has copyrighted its name and has ears three-quarters the length of its face. Light grey face, black mark on forehead.

White-tailed Deer

North American white-tailed deer. Texas has 4 million deer. Agriculture has driven these deer to Mexico and east of the Rocky Mountains.

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