Cockers are bright and lively, but regular walks and fun help manage them. Maintaining this breed's long, silky coat is hard. Some guard dogs prefer to befriend strangers rather than bark at them.

Cocker Spaniel

Active elderly love beagles. Friendly, active medium-sized canines. They love walks but may chase squirrels. Smart, loyal, happy dogs love their owners. Their short hair sheds.


Boston terriers love spending time with their owners. Despite their inactivity, they like walking. Due to their short coats and limited shedding, brush them weekly or biweekly.

Boston Terrier

Havanese, small dogs under 13 pounds, are friendly and love spending time with their favourite people. Smart, lively dogs learn tricks readily. Silent security dogs.


The bichon frise is a happy, loving friend. Most people can handle this 7–12-pound breed. Bichons also train easily. Bichons are low-maintenance but require grooming.

Bichon Frise

Mini-schnauzers are low-maintenance. They're low-maintenance. They're small and portable. They average 12 years. They're active and pursue balls. Active elderly like this breed.

Miniature Schnauzer

Shih tzus are another popular tiny dog. The 9–16-pound breed is easy to handle. Most shih tzus are trainable, despite their stubbornness. This breed needs daily walks and grooming.

Shih Tzu

Poodles are popular and smart. Best of all, there are three sizes: tiny toy, small miniature, or larger standard poodle. Poodles are loving pets. Poodles learn quickly and fit into any home


A Pom, weighing in at 4–7 pounds, is another another little, transportable dog. A friendly breed, really! Having fun and getting close are two of the best things in the world to a Pom.


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