Depressing Explanations Why Men Stay in Bad Relationships

Breaking up with someone you've been dating is one of life's most difficult and chaotic experiences. Longer relationships tend to be more conflicted.

Concern that there will be a clash

Many people stay in toxic relationships rather than risk the emotional anguish of ending things. The two of you shouldn't stay together because of the fights you've had.

No one enjoys disorder. Mountains, galaxies, and seasons change. Status quo lifestyles always conflict with reality. Not romantic. Change worry shouldn't keep you from going on.

Reluctance To Adapt

After a long break, most men find dating stressful. Dating is fun, but you risk not meeting a stranger's expectations or hers. Imagining worst-case scenarios can scare you away.

Dating anxiety

Some guys stay in an unhappy relationship because it gives them secret emotional or psychological benefits. You may like being her caregiver or sufferer.

Undercover bribes

Unworthiness is possible. Consider the consequences of holding on. You decide when to start over in romance. If you're there, don't worry and move.

Relationships affect men. He'll be loyal if he's been with someone for a long time or shared personal occasions. He'll keep seeing the relationship as it was years or months ago.

Emotional About The Bond Between Them

Envy. Love makes a man possessive. He may not care how unhappy the relationship is because the notion of her with someone else makes him more unhappy.

He plans on keeping her all to himself

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