You need to open a savings account right now, because you make purchases to avoid problems like some people have accounts to avoid problems.


You save more than you earn and you know how to squeeze every last penny out of every last dollar, you take pride in saving your money.


You may never have kept a dollar after sunset that you don't even have a bank account and you don't know your credit score.


You use your money to create lasting security instead of temporary pleasures and protect your life, if you get a little extra money then chances are you will spend a lot and go on a trip.


You like to live luxuriously and luxuriously and you have great financial skills but you let your vanity dominate you.


You're alert, not a money-grabbing lunatic or a gambler, you never order a lobster even if you love it.


The balanced scales that symbolize your zodiac sign also reflect your attitude towards wealth.


You're very lucky to receive money, although you're not so great at holding it but you're a champion in bank security-deposit boxes and secret thefts.


Money comes to you not regularly but fast, you're wise enough to save a little to keep yourself warm and well fed.


You're greedy but you're not stupid about it and you're not an impulsive buyer because you're playing a long game beacuse you plan ahead and often retire young.


You're very good at money, but you probably get a little too generous when it comes to giving money.


If you look for things in life other than money, get a financial advisor because money slips from your fingers like a grain of sand through an hour's glasses.


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