Aries like to keep things simple and at the extremes he will either go along and dedicate a handful of women to only one heart.


Most Taurus men have an intense appetite for love, but this bull really wants to find that woman to build their empire.


Gemini avoids commitment by default, he loves his childish independence, especially because he does not consider himself home to a happy ending on a horse next to a castle.


This man likes to get exactly what he gives reaching for safety, security, and love.


For this zodiac sign, showing how much he loves matters to him, they are flamboyant by nature and want to shower affection and rose sage on you.


Virgo man needs to be protected and nurtured to have a sense of duty and pride in his life and he wants to serve


Libra wants to be 100% sure from a relationship that the person he stands next to is the same but that doesn't make it an easy process, right? This man wants his freedom at his core.


This stingy creature doesn't ask much, he hopes that his companion will be his best friend, his companion, his inspiration, his drama, and his right hand man for his empire.


Sagittarius people are looking for something that some people may find impossible finding a person who makes them feel free like a bird.


Capricorn wants to build a relationship out of a brick, which no earthquake or emotional cataclysm can shake.


An Aquarius man may not be a bet mate for romance and dinner but he will surely know how to satisfy a woman.


Pisces has no defined structure, it just floats in deep water, fails on the coast and repeats sometimes somewhere along the way a beautiful woman makes it and pins it.


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