Date a Capricorn: The Complete Guide


Hardy Capricorns. This earth sign, symbolised by the sea-goat, can transverse land and water, making it distinctive. Capricorn's big-picture strategy and leadership boost its success. 

Date With A Capricorn Man

Capricorn is a professional prodigy. Relationships are another story. After a few failed relationships, Capricorn can experience deep emotional closeness with the right spouse.

Ideal Companions

Scorpio is a fixed sign, thus they're stable and reliable. Earth and water sign compatibility. Capricorn loves Taurus. They respect each other's earth sign work ethic.

The Zodiac's aggressive dad is Capricorn. He's a determined, ambitious, and excellent cardinal. He's a practical, productive earth sign. He's always serious because Saturn rules his sign.

How do they act while they're together?

This sea-goat won't commit unless they're ready for extra obligations. Capricorns value physical contact. Capricorn needs time with their lover.

Capricorns remember well. Ancient tradition ties Capricorns with Father Time, making them memory keepers. Even a quick statement is remembered by Capricorn.

An Indoor Life

Capricorn won't settle for less than the best. Never overpromise and underdeliver to a Capricorn. Set the bar lower to wow this earth sign by exceeding expectations.

Wrost Matches For A Capricorn

Aries may struggle with Capricorn's structure, while Libra is turned off by Capricorn's stoicism. While relationships might grow, understand that these indications act differently

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