Cute Animals with Extra-Size Eyes


A big-eyed owl may be the first animal that comes to mind. They have big eyes that let them see at night and hunt. Owls can't easily move their huge eyes, so they swivel their heads.


Galagos are big-eyed Lorisidae primates. Night hunters who sleep in trees. Night vision helps them hunt insects and small birds. This mammal can hop easily.


Tarsiers live in Asian forests. This cute ape hunts. Long neck hunts lizards and birds. Mammalian eyes are largest in tarsiers. Despite good night vision, they can't see colours.


Lemurs are one of the cutest big-eyed creatures. This ape from Madagascar has excellent night vision. This helps it catch prey easier than most night primates.

Tree Frog

Big eyes make the Tree Frog one of the cutest frogs. This species spends most of the day on trees in Central American jungles. Three eyelids help in vision and hunting.

 Four-eyed Fish

Despite their name, four-eyed fish only have two big eyes. The eyes have four distinct pupils. This allows the fish to see above and below water at the same time, making them excellent hunters.

 Leaf-Tailed Gecko 

The first in this lineup is a reptile with enormous eyes. The Leaf-tailed Gecko is able to perceive colours in the dark because of its vertical pupils. Compared to human vision, a gecko's is 350 times more powerful.

Mantis Shrimp

Mantis Shrimp have the best vision, thus they're included. Cute eyes and colouring make them aggressive. Mantis Shrimp has 12 colour receptors to humans' 3. Each eye may move independently and work together.


Big-eyed, camouflaged reptiles. Each eye rotates 360°. They lack depth perception but can spot distant insects. Long tongues help them hunt insects.

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