Krispy Kreme's 8 Secrets

A dissatisfied Krispy Kreme consumer sued, claiming the shop misled him. The donuts didn't include "genuine" ingredients, so he thought he was eating healthier than he was.

In 2015, a UK Krispy Kreme location promoted the Krispy Kreme Klub as KKK Wednesday. confirmed the obscene term appeared on promotional materials. 

British store promoted racism.

Vernon Rudolph obtained the yeasted dough recipe from a New Orleans restaurateur.

Not Southern.

Rudolph's son found that the famed doughnut may have had "fluffed egg whites, mashed potatoes, sugar, shortening, and skim milk that was refrigerated, combined with flour, and topped in glaze," according to Mashed.

4. Perhaps mashed potatoes were the original secret ingredient. 

Before the '90s, only Southerners knew about Krispy Kreme. First store launched in NYC in 1996. Early in the 2000s, the company went public and opened in Canada. Some analysts say the company's unchecked growth hurt it. 

Krispy Kreme's growth was uncontrolled.

The company had three CFOs in four years during its expansion. Critics say the company was "looking for a CFO to tell them good news" & "the CFOs may not have been up to guiding a high-growth franchise through the public markets"Krispy Kreme is still around, but it has 363 U.S.

Poor management nearly bankrupted the company.

According to NPR, a man was pulled over and the cop noticed a suspicious white crusty substance on his floor that, when tested, came back positive for methamphetamines.

A man was once arrested for driving under the influence of Krispy Kreme.

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