These animals hunt at dusk or dawn, but they also slumber in hollow logs during the day. They are quiet and secretive, so seeing them in the wild is surprising.


Some of the world's most feared predators hunt at night. Wolves hunt at dusk or dawn, but they also slumber in a den throughout the day.


Ferrets are another popular pet that likes the nighttime. These wild animals rest during the period humans consider daytime, yet their zany behaviours can be witnessed at dawn and twilight.


Crepuscularity is common among cats of all sizes. Jaguars are top predators that sleep in trees during the day and go out to hunt at twilight or morning.


They sleep during the day like cats do. They are awake in the early morning and late evening but sleep throughout the daylight hours.

House Cat

The house cat is the archetypical nighttime companion. These creatures are most active in the early morning and late evening, and they sleep during the day.


The hamster is nocturnal. They snooze during the day and run on wheels at night. Depending on their habitat, they're active between twilight and dawn.

Red Fox

The majority of red foxes in North America are nocturnal. At first light or just before sunset, they go out hunting. The Arctic fox is nocturnal, in contrast to the crepuscular red fox.


Animals in the wild often hunt around dawn or dusk. In most cases, they are able to sneak up on their target and successfully kill them.

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